Beverly Oaks Association: Building Standards and Design Requirements


LightsThe deeds to our homes carry a declaration that binds all owners to adhere to certain limited architectural standards (Article VIII - Building Standards And Design Requirements). Building standards include roof, siding and trim, garage doors, fences, front doors, windows, and satellite dishes and antennas.

The Association is tasked to communicate and enforce these requirements.

All exterior repair and construction require written approval by the Board of Directors prior to the delivery of materials and the commencement of work. The purpose of this approval is to insure that Members are aware of the building standards and design requirements and to prevent BS&DS violations. Ignorance of the Building Standards and Design Requirements is not a basis for a waiver.

Below is a summary of the Building Standards and Design Requirements.

Approval Required Prior to Exterior Repairs

All exterior repair and construction requires written approval by the Board of Directors prior to the delivery of materials and the commencement of work. The purpose of this approval is to insure that Members are aware of the building standards and design requirements and to prevent BS&DS violations. Ignorance of the Building Standards and Design Requirements is not a basis for a waiver. ~ ARTICLE VIII: BUILDING STANDARDS AND DESIGN REQUIREMENTS (Section:3)

Do you have an architectural compliance violation:

Submit an exterior repair for review:


Fence that is visible to the street shall be 6 inch wide by 6 feet tall pickets with a top rail on both sides (see photo, left side fence). The fence is to be stained BlackFox (Sherwin Williams Woodscapes Ultra Deep A15T54)).

Fence that is not visible to the street shall be 6 inch wide by 8 feet tall pickets with a top rail on both sides (see photo).

Picket Pattern See diagram to the right.

Staining The new architectural standards require that all new fences be stained BlackFox, a color to match the home trim. The Association has painted all common property fences BlackFox in 2012 with Sherwin Williams Woodscapes Solid (Ultra Deep A15T54) tinted to BlackFox. One gallon covers 350 square feet. (approximately $36 per gallon).

The community voted in January of 2011 to established a long term fencing standard that applies to all replacement fences starting February 1, 2011. The standard does not apply to minor fence repairs such as replacement of a up to 10 pickets.

Garage Doors

In January of 2011 the community re-confirmed the garage door standard set by the original architect as the long term standard for the community - flush panels - a flat surface finish with no decorative panels, windows, specialty hardware, or inlays (see photo, door on left). Doors must be of wood, fiberboard, steel or aluminum composition. Doors must be free of rot or dents visible from the street. It is recommended that wood doors be painted on all 6 sides.

Check the blog for listings of recommended garage door contractors:

Approved by owners vote Not approved by owners vote


Replacement roofs shall be constructed using asphalt-laminated 3 tab shingles, which carry a twenty-five (25) year manufacturers warranty of the color and style known as HeatherBlend which is manufactured by the CertainTeed Corporation (Valley Forge, PA).

Model CT 20 (20 year warranty), which is stocked locally by RSG Roofing and Supply.

Roof repairs in areas visible from the street will be made with shingles that match the shingles surrounding the repaired area . In the event the new shingles will not match the shingles surrounding the repair area, older shingles shall be removed from an area not visible from the street and used for the repair. New shingles can then be used replace the older shingles in the area where they were removed.

Check the blog for listings of recommended roofing contractors:

Paint & Siding

The siding material is a smooth sided lap board product that is manufactured by the Louisiana Pacific Company. It is brand named ABT. 84 Lumber carries this product at 2906 W Miller Rd, Garland, TX 75041 (972) 864-8411.

This product has a smooth finish and paintable surface ad is made in pieces that are 12 inches high, 1/2 inch deep, and 16' long is to be used for all siding surfaces.

Window and other trim boards will be the same width as the original construction and of natural exterior wood, with the exception of pine or plywood. Trim boards may be mitered at the corners. Excessive splicing is not permitted. Hardiboard, vinyl and steel are not in the standard. Owners must apply for a variance for synthetic alternatives.

New Color Scheme. Homes painted after 2008 shall have "Toasty-6095" (Sherwin Williams A-100, satin finish) siding and "BlackFox-7020" window trim (Sherwin Williams A-100, satin finish) and use the Association "match paint" (Kelly Moore product label) for the front entry doors and house numbers. This match paint is a Satin finish identical to almond color used on Anderson Storm doors. Owners can buy factory painted matching doors from Home Depot or Lowes.

The Association has a small quantity of these colors on hand for any minor paint touch ups - just contact us. It takes approximately 10 gallons to paint a unit. Download the exact paint specs here:

Retired Color Scheme. All homes with the pre-2009 color scheme are to have "Twiggy-4641" siding and "Pawnee-2640" front entry doors and house numbers. These are Pittsburgh Paint colors in eggshell finishes. The front window trim, eve facings, and vent panels are painted in Rocky Mountain Brown-AC252-5 or Oxford Brown-417 (2008 and later). These are Kelly Moore colors in eggshell finishes. This color will vbe phased out by 2016.

Entry Doors

All entry doors are to be 6 panel (2 top panels 7" X 9", 4 lower panels 25" X 9" ) constructed of wood or steel, without windows. The entry door is to include an entry lock set with a handle of 8" or more in length. Door hardware shall be finished in a bright brass or steel color.

Metal storm doors (glass) may be used in addition to the entry door; such door to have frames the color of the entry door. The recommended door is Andersen 36 In. Width, Almond Door, 3000 Series, Brass Hardware, Fullview Storm Door (Model # HD3F36AL, Home Depot SKU # 205155). The door is pictures below.

Screen doors or doors made of wood are prohibited for use on the front entry.

House Numbers.

The community house numbers are 7 inch tall, polystyrene, simulated wood grain letters manufactured by Hy-Ko Products Company, 60 Meadow Lane, Northfield, OH 44067-1415 part numbers GB-7-0 to GB-7-9.

To get a list of local suppliers of the Hy-Ko products see the Hy-Ko web site. Not all Hy-Ko suppliers carry this line.

This product can be ordered online at Hardware World and Amazon.

Exterior Lighting

Your lamp post must be operational 365 days a year, turning on at dusk and off at dawn via a light sensor.

The Association will provide the light bulb (15 watt compact fluorescent bullet light) and repair any broken electric eyes. Request service here.

Spotlights in the eves and motion sensor lights are prohibited on building fronts.

The lamp post heads are part number Z695-05. The list price is $86.00, but these units can be purchased as low as $45.00. Click on image to enlarge.
There are 3 wall mountable heads. Craftmade part number Z294-05 (12" tall), Z290-07 (17"- shown) and Z690-07 (24"). The price is $50.00 - $70.00. The 17" and 24" models are mount at the base. The 12" mounts at the top (see Craftmade for details).
The ceiling heads are part number Z434-07. The price is $45.00 - $65.00.
The post is an 84" tall, 3" diameter aluminum, smooth surface (no patterns) direct burial post. John Timberland Lighting makes a poll avaiable from Lamps Plus, Amazon, and WallMart. The price is $60.00 - $80.00. Please be sure to install the electric eye on the electrical power box on your home whenever possible and not on the pole.

The lamp heads and posts are made by Craftmade and are available from 10 local suppliers (typically a special order item).

They are also available on-line, generally for much less (search Craftmade and the model number). Available here.

To request a repair of you electric eye or a replacement of a light bulb, contact us here:

Antennas, Aerials & Satellite Dishes.

Satellite dish antennas with a diameter less than one (1) meter are permitted within the Addition. Antennas, Aerials & Satellite Dishes must be placed in an area where they are not visible from the street. If an Acceptable quality signal cannot be received under this standard, homeowners should seek assistance from the Board and possibly apply for a variance.


Foundation planting will be maintained for walls running parallel to the street. Shrub species will be limited to those already in use in the community.

Flowers may be displayed, but must be maintained in pots or planters.

Trees may be planted, but will be required to have greater than either a 2 in caliper or a 10 ft. height.

Windows and Window Coverings

ViolationAll window coverings visible from the street shall be white/beige/neutral. This specifically excludes foils and cardboard.

All window screens shall be charcoal colored. Solar and other black screens are prohibited.

All glass will be clear, double-pane, with interior window bars in bronze.

All window frames shall be bronze and have a frame profile consistent with the builder's original frame.

Window AC units or fans visible from the street are prohibited.

The photo to the right shows non-compliant window covers/UV screen and a window unit AC visible from the street.

Diversion of Water

No structures, ditches, changes in the terrain or existing drainage system, or landscaping shall be allowed that would materially cause an increase in the normal flow of water across other lots.

Structural modifications

Any structural modification, including but not limited to, room extensions, bay windows, enclosed porches, flagpoles, and alteration of the sidewalks/driveways in any area visible to the street is prohibited.

Cabanas, gazebos, patios, or any such structural addition not visible to the street must be built in compliance with Irving building codes, including building permits, and codes inspections, must not be in violation of any of the plat restrictions for the lot, and must not crossover any property boundary.

Structures that will be visible to neighbors, from their house or yard, will require the consent of the immediate neighbors.

The Board of Directors must approve all structural modifications

Sports / Play Equipment

Swing sets, trampolines, basketball goals and any other play equipment are not to be visible from the street.

Structures that will be visible to neighbors, from their house or yard, or that create noise in their operation will require the consent of the immediate neighbors.

NOTE: This is a community rule, not an architectural standard.


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