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The package delivery center opened on November 4, 2017 as centralized and secure place to receive and send mail and packages. The center is behind the middle garage door at 2023 Wilshire. For the best security, it is important that all owners close the door after using the center.

Services The center is set up to receive and send packages via USPS, UPS, FedEx, Amazon, and DHL.

Door pass codes Access is via the keypads located by the entry door. New residents can request access codes by contacting the association (see "Contact Us" in the left margin menu)

Mailbox keys: The keys and locks are managed by the Plymouth Park Post Office. You will need proof of residence (e.g., drivers licence, bill of sale, rental lease, water bill, etc.) to obtain a key.

Setting up Accounts: To get the best service from these couriers, you will want to sign up for their free online services. Track packages, receive e-mail and text updates about delivery, purchase postage and print shipping labels, and schedule pick-ups at the mail center.

US Postal: Track incoming packages, order free boxes, purchase printable postage and schedule pickups at the mail-center.
Paypal: Purchase printable postage.
UPS: Track incoming packages and schedule pickups at the mail-center.
FEDEx: Track incoming packages, pay and print shipping labels and schedule pickups at the mail-center.
Amazon: Track incoming packages, pay and print shipping labels and schedule pickups at the mail-center.

Vehicle access and safety There are four 16-foot spaces for mail room parking. The spots are located at the large garage (driveway) and the two visitor parking across the street. Please do not park in the exit alley or street at anytime or the short driveways. It is a safety hazard.

Security: The mail center is well lit with 4 exterior and five interior lights. The entry door is password coded and is monitored 24 hours be sure it is not left open for extended periods.. A security camera records activity in the center.

Emergencies: The mail center has a battery backup and will work during power failures. The door has an emergency exit button located over the door. There is also a door release on the right side. And as backup, there is an emergency door in the back where emergency services can enter if the door physically jams and locks a person in.

Wifi Hotspot: The center is a wifi hotspot and can be used during power failures for interest access.

Accessibility for disabled owners: The mailroom has an entrance ramp, wide doors, non-slip flooring, and 3 mailboxes (#2027, 2029, 2031) reserved for owners needing wheelchair access - these doors are lower than 48 inches from the foor.

Future improvements: The delivery center has the physical space, dedicated circuits, ethernet cabling, and Internet service for a future package management systems from Amazon Hub, UPS, Package Concierge, Luxer One, or Buffer Box..

Nationally, 84% of homeowners shop online and 20% buy items weekly and it is a growing trend. A package tracking and notification system would electronically check-in an item, safely secure the package and automatically notify the recipient via text and email that their package is in the locker. A package tracking and notification system can be leased with service is provided by the supplier - it would not necessarily be a capital expense to the Association.

The current manufacturers include Package Concierge, Luxer One, Buffer Box, and Amazon Hub.

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