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IMPORTANT: Please vote for what is in the best interests of the community as a whole. It is not always the same as what is in our personal best interests. Votes must be received by 3:00 PM, Friday March 31, 2017. If you change your mind before the deadline you may vote again - your last vote will be the one that is counted. This is a secret ballot - your vote is visible only to you and the independent counters. The Annual Meeting summary is located here:

Section 1: Amendment to the Covenants and Restrictions

Amendments are proposed changes to our governing documents. Sixty-seven percent (67%) approval is required to enact a change in the deed restrictions.

Proposal 1: No Street Parking in Lieu of Painting Curbs Red

Overview: This is an initiative of the board to manage street parking without painting the curbs red.

Proposed: This amendment would state that "Street parking is prohibited at all times and vehicles parked, unattended, for more than 1 hour may be towed without warning or notice. Additionally, a sign will be placed at the entry announcing the restriction.

Board Recommendation: The 2016 Board supports this initiative and it was received favorably at the annual meeting.

Impact: Positive financial impact to the Association ($200).

Note: 67% of the owners must approve this initiative for this transaction to be completed.

I approve the proposed amendment (does not affect dues)
I do not approve of the proposed amendment.

Proposal 2: Violation Fines - After Certified Letter

Overview: This is an initiative of the owners arising from the 2015, 2016 and 2017 annual meeting over frustrations that some owners repeatedly violating community standards, requirements, and rules. The amend is described here:

Proposed: This amendment provides a limited ability for the board to levy fines for a violation after (1) a certified warning letter has been sent and (2) a thirty day period to correct the violation has expired (3) and any requested and approved extensions have expired, (4) after any board appeals has been exhausted, and (5) after any third party appeals have been exhausted.

The monthly architectural fine shall not exceed 16.6% of the cost of the repair per month and be levied until the repair is made but for no more than 24 months. .

Board Recommendation: The 2016 Board supports this initiative and it was received favorably at the annual meeting.

Impact: Minor positive financial impact to the Association - miscellaneous income.

Note: 67% of the owners must approve this initiative for this transaction to be completed.

I approve the proposed amendment (does not affect dues)
I do not approve of the proposed amendment.

Section 2: Capital Repair Approvals

Capital Repairs: The are two capital repair projects scheduled this year and two proposed additions. The scheduled items are included in the capital repair plan approved by the owners 2011.

Project A: Street Repairs

Overview: The community streets have failed in 27 locations and are in a state of deterioration at those locations.

Proposed: It is proposed that the Association dispense between $40K - $50k from the capital budget to make these repairs and seal the remaining cracks with a clear colored sealant to slow down roadway deterioration. Download pdf to see map of repairs needed.

Impact: There is no impact on monthly dues rate. The project is currently out to bid to 10 contractors.

Project approved in 2016 - work in progress!

Project B: Repair of the Mailboxes

Overview: This initiative is to replace the current mail stations which are low security, in poor operating condition, have been broken into 3 times in the last year resulting in one cluster being out of commission for three weeks (mail had to be picked up at Plymouth Park).

The post office will only repair the boxes with old scrap yard boxes which are in extremely poor condition (click photo to enlarge). Mailbox theft is on the rise. Post Office care and maintenance of the postal clusters is rapidly eroding and repair budgets have been slashed / repair personal laid off.

Proposed: The board recommends moving the mail service to the 2023 garage. This is the safest and highest security option. With the increase in online product purchases and the decline of the post financial situation, the problem is very likely to increase.

Impact: This renovation will be paerrtially paid for out of capital funds, and the annual reserve rate will need to be increased from the current $21 a quarter by:

Option 1: Mail center moved to 2023 Garage
High security tamper resistant box style (4-c)
Indoor light area (security camera future option)
Center door closes at night (any owner can get a door opener)
Wheel chair ramp
Seven parking spaces
Security can be upgraded in time (camera future option)
Amazon and/or UPS parcel station (future option)
$15,000 cost (increase dues rate by $1.97 month)

Option 2: Same as above / door open 24/7
$13,700 cost (increase dues rate by $1.54 month)

Option 3: Replace existing outdoor clusters
High security box style
Four parking spaces
$10,000 cost (increase dues rate by $0.88 month)

Option 4: Band-aid fix
Purchase one low security box style
Petition USPS for exemption for one cluster
$1,500 cost (increase dues rate by $0.00 month)

Option 5: Do nothing
(Not recommended)

Project C: Repair Garage Foundation

Overview: This initiative is to spend $8,000 to fix the garage foundation and exterior brickwork.

In the last 12 months, the foundation has been sinking rapidly and the building is taking in water which is rotting the wooden framing and will make for even more extensive repairs if not addressed.

Proposed: Foundation specialists are recommending that we install three peers to stabilize the foundation.

Once the foundation has stopped moving, the brickwork will be repaired on the north and west wall (pictured - click to enlarge).

I approve (does not affect dues)
I do not approve of this expenditure.

Project D: Repair Parameter Fence Near Exit Ally

Overview: This initiative is to patch the 45 foot fence at the exit to keep it from falling down before the shrubs can recover and grow back up to cover it (3-4 years). This work is to avoid full replacement which is estimated to be $2,500.

Proposal: This initiative is to spend $600 or less to repalce the rotted and termite damaged stringers and pickets and then paint the fence FocBlack to match the ajoining section.

I approve (does not affect dues)
I do not approve of this expenditure

Section 3: 2017 Budget / Dues Rate and Special Projects

The assessment amount needed to cover mandatory expenses for management accounting, audits, taxes, insurance, and the routine annual maintenance obligations guaranteed to every home owner by the Covenant and Restriction Declaration, plus the elected payment into the Reserves is $88.66 per month ($266 per quarter) a 3.8% increase over 2016. The increases over 2017 are across the board price escalations for the contractual obligation to homeowners and only includes the base services provided in 2015 and 2016.


I ratify the 2017 budget

$86.66 per month ($3.33 increaase vs 2016), $266 per quarter
~These are nondiscretionary contractual obligations to owners as per deed
~No new projects included in this number
~3.8% increase over 2016, driven by small increases by most suppliers
~A detailed breakdown of these expenses is located here .
I abstain

I approve the installation of a security gate at the rear exit
Will end drive through traffic
If gate fails, owner inconvenienced (must use front entry/exit), but no emergency condition created (unlike a failure of an entry gate)
Install a gate in 2017 - $11.40 per month in 2017
Install a gate in 2018 - $5.70 per month in 2017, 2018
Install a gate in 2019 - $2.85 per month in 2017, 2018, 2019
Not in the best interest of the community

Section 4: Safety Renovations Funded by TxDOT

Overview: The Association successfully petitioned the State of Texas for $27,000 to make safety changes to the exit onto Highway183.

Approved: The plan is to relocate the traffic spikes to the required 30 foot setback, to lower the screening wall to see oncoming traffic, to relocate the electrical services, and add high visibility signage/lights to manage community traffic.

Schedule: The work will be done in 2016-17, before road construction which has both tax and cost advantages.

Impact: Funded by TxDOT. No impact on monthly dues rate or the capital reserve. This is a self funded project.

Approved in 2016 - work in progress!

Section 5: Wanting Your Opinion

Should we form a 21st-century crime watch?

The idea here would be for the association to pay to have surveillance cameras in 8-10 homes to cover the community and make views assessable to all owners. We could also have a text warning set up so thaht any owner could alert others when there is a problem.

I will help
Not good for community

Should we have a summer BBQ and/or Christmas Party?

We've had summer BBQs and Christmas Parties in the past. Attendance at BBQ is between 20-30. The last Christmas party was around 20 - 25.

I will help
Not good for community

How is the bookkeeper company doing?

We have a bookkeeper who has done a wonderful job for the Association in general and operates at a fraction of the cost ($250/month) of prior management companies ($500-$1,500). They have a very limited function for owners - basically to help with any payment account issues.

We have received a few complaints and we want to track down the problem. If you have had any problems please tell us about it. It is important that we get feedback to our contractors.

Not great
No opinion

Section 6: Select Four Directors
Four director positions are available with the expiration of Randy Ranew, Robert Bauer, and Vivian Scott terms and the seat vacated by Chad Johnson. David Schneider (President) will complete the second year of his 2016-2017 term (see photo, right).
Order of candidates: Incumbents listed first, others listed in the order submitted.
Term: 2017 - 2018.
Incumbent: Randy
I elect
Pick 4 from these 5 candidates
Vice President 2009-2016
I'm running this year because I believe in our community and the stable path we are on. When I visit comparable communities, it is evident how much better managed our subdivision is than most.

We still face challenges and things that can be improved, and I want to be part of that continued growth. ~Randy Ranew

Incumbent: Robert
I elect
Pick 4 from these 5 candidates
Treasurer 2013-2016, President 2009-2012, Director 1988-1991
I'm running to work on major construction projects like the exit renovation and the street repairs, and to manage the landscaping. What I like about our community is that we are like a family in many ways - whether it's visiting those who are ill, lending a neighbor something, helping someone with a task, returning an escaped pet - we often have each others back. ~ Robert Bauer
I elect
Pick 4 from these 5 candidates
Committee Co-chair 2016
I have lived in the community for three years and I co-chaired the window group purchase program this year. I have met a lot of neighbors in this process and I'm impressed by the dedication and caring volunteers who tirelessly and selflessly invest themselves in this community for our collective benefit. It has motivated me, and I am stepping up to offer my hand in this continued success story. ~Jesse Mitchell
I elect
Pick 4 from these 5 candidates
I have lived in the community for 14 years, have become friends with my neighbors, and I want our neighborhood to continue to make positive change. I believe my business background, degree in accounting, and strong financial skills are a good fit for the board. I'd borrow the line "Let's make Beverly Oaks Great Again", but I feel our community is already pretty great. I will help to continue the positive path we are on. ~Joel Kern
I elect
Pick 4 from these 5 candidates

No candidate
statement submitted

Is the community making progress and on the right growth path?

For the most part
Not sure
Not so much

Share any community suggestions here.

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