Beverly Oaks Homeowners Association
First Voting Period 2021
to be completed before January 24, 2021

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IMPORTANT: Please vote for what is in the best interests of the community as a whole. It is not always the same as what is in our personal best interests.

Votes must be received by 3:00 PM, Sunday January 24, 2021. This is a secret ballot - your vote is visible only to you and the independent counters.

Another vote will be held after the Annual Meeting (February 22, 2021) following, a discussion of community issues and initiatives and the introduction of board candidates. That vote will be held on March 1-12, 2021.

Section 1: Amendment to the Covenants and Restrictions

Voting on CC&R amendments will be held in March.

Section 2: Capital Repair Approvals

Capital Repairs: The are two capital repair projects that have been voted on, approved and are scheduled this year; a security camera for the mail room and an exit gate for the back drive.

Voting on additional capital repairs will be held in March..

Section 3: 2021 Budget / Dues Rate and Special Projects

The assessment amount needed to cover mandatory expenses for management, accounting, audits, taxes, insurance, and the routine annual maintenance obligations guaranteed to every homeowner by your deed (Covenant and Restriction Declaration), plus mandatory payment into the Reserves as required by the Covenant and Restriction Declaration is $354.00 per quarter, a $38.00 increase over 2020.


2021 base budget

I approve the 2021 base budget

$354 per quarter ($27.24 per week) to cover the services guaranteed in your deed (CC&R document). These are nondiscretionary contractual obligations of the Association to the owners.

~Recovery of bad debt. Bad debt has increased 250% since in 2019-20 causing the Association to run out of money before the end of the year for the last two years. Currently, the Association has $18,000 in unpaid 2020 bills.
~100% increase in management fees. The Association had a "sweet deal" contract (well below market price) from 2011 - 2020. The supplier has exited this market segment and the Association must now employ another contractor at market rate.
~Increases in the cost of painting and siding repairs.
~Increases in fixed cost services (e.g., utilities, insurance, etc..)
~No rate increase in 2020 to offset the above..
~A detailed breakdown of these expenses is located here .
I do not approve

Note: The only way for the Association to reduce the base rate is to find lower priced paint, landscaping, and management contractors. All other costs are fixed and the services provided are mandatory and cannot be discontinued without a Covenant and Restriction Declaration amendment. The board believes the current paint and landscaping contracts are "sweet deals" which are priced below market.

Addition to 2021 base budget

Hire an engineering firm to conduct a Reserve Study and modify the future capital budget funding plan.

The Covenant and Restriction Declaration require that the Capital Reserve allocations be based on a reserve study made of all the major capital systems in the association that may require repair or replacement within 30 years and thereafter the Association shall include as part of its Annual Assessment an amount which is reasonably necessary to achieve an adequate reserve fund for the periodic maintenance, repair and replacement of improvements to the Common Properties.

An in-house Capital Reserve study and Capital Saving Plan was completed in 2010 and approved a vote of owners in January 2011 (96% to 4%).

An updated in-house Capital Reserve study and Capital Saving Plan was completed in 2018 and approved a vote of owners in April 2019 (84% to 16%).

An alternative to the 2011 and 2018 Saving Plans would be to hire an engineering firm to conduct a reserve study and reforecast the Saving Plan starting in 2022. These studies cost between $4,000 and $5,000.
I approve continuing with the 2018 Reserve Study and Capital Spending Plan - add $0.00 per quarter
I approve conducting a new Reserve Study and Capital Spending Plan - add $10.52 per quarter

Addition to 2021 base budget

Set up a community wide camera monitoring system

Install surveillance cameras in 16-18 homes to cover the community and make views assessable to all owners when an incident occurs.

Set up a text warning system so that any owner can alert others when there is an incident in the community.

Install a camera in 2023 - add $26.31 per quarter in 2021, 2022
No cameras, please.

Addition to 2021 base budget

Update the lamppost hangers and signs .

In 1989, lamp post hangers with house numbers were added to the out door lampposts. At the time, the house numbering systems varied in different sections of the community. Since 2017, all homes have 4 inch address numbers over the garage and the "early American" style numbers on the lampposts are not needed or in keeping with the style of the community.
Install new/updated hangers and numbers- add $10.00 per quarter
Remove hangers and numbers- add $3.00 per quarter
Leave as is

Addition to 2021 base budget

Hold a community block party in September with the Association providing food and beverages.

Yes to a block party - add $1.00 per quarter

Section 4: What is your opinion?

Are you using the mail room/package center to send packages

Select all that apply
Sending postal packages
Sending UPS packages
Sending FedX or DHL
Sending Mail
None of the above

Association Communication - media

What is your preferred way to receive information from the Association?.

Note on front door
Snail Mail

Community Notices - frequency

How do you rate the frequency of communications from the Board.
Too many
Satisfactory amount
Not enough

Response time on e-mails -

How do you rate the frequency of communications from the Board.
Satisfactory amount

Use of on-line account -

Do you have access and use the 24/7 online account to check payments, balances, etc..
I use it
Do not know how
I do not use it
Section 5: Select Directors

A vote on CC&R amendments will be held in March.

Section 6: Community Progress and Growth

Is the community making progress and on the right growth path?

For the most part
Not sure
Not so much

Share any community suggestions here.

Updated 01/04/21


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