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Section 1: Sale of Land to the State of Texas

Overview: The State of Texas had bid $2,417 to expropriate Association land for the Highway 183 expansion. The Association has renegotiated the price for this land from $2,417 to $27,394. We are obligated to sell the land. The State has the right of eminent domain to expropriate private property for public use.

Proposed: It is proposed that the Beverly Oaks Homeowners' Association sell to the State of Texas an 11 foot section of the exit alley fronting on Highway183 for the price of $2,417 plus additional compensation i nthe amount of $24,925 for the remodeling of the exit wall and for relocating the traffic spikes. See the renegotiated valuation here:

Board Recommendation: The Board of Directors recommends this sale.

Impact: Failure to approve this transaction will throw this matter into the courts resulting in and estimated $6,000 in legal fees. The proposed transaction will shorten of the exit drive by 11 feet. Adequate funds are beinng provided from the sale to renovate the exit to meet code. This sale will have no negative impact on property values, traffic flow, assessments, or capital reserves.

Note: 67% of the owners must approve this initiative for this transaction to be completed. Please vote.

I approve of the proposed property sale
I do not approve of the proposed proper sale.

Section 2: Capital Repair Approval

Capital Repair: There are two capital repair projects in the approved 30-year capital repair plan for 2013 - the replacement of the traffic spikes at the rear of the community and the initiation of an 8 year project to replace all exterior lamp posts. The next scheduled capital repair is in 2018 which is the refinishing of the 2023 garage interior walls.

Proposal 1: $500 to Complete the Traffic Spike Refurbishment

Overview: $6,000 in capital funds were approved in 2012 for the replacement of the traffic spikes. This price was based on vendor quotes. The Association located the original spike manufacturer and was able to buy replacement parts for $3,200. $500 are now needed to install the parts. The photo shows 1 of the 4 broken spike assemblies and 1 replacement spike assembly.

Proposed: It is proposed to that the Association complete the refurbishment of the traffic spikes at the end of the exit alley for a capital cost of $500.

Board Recommendation: The Board of Directors recommends this expenditure.

Impact: No impact on monthly dues rate. 3.3% reduction of capital reserve. This project is being completed within budget.

I approve of this $500 capital repair expenditure.
I do not approve of this $500 capital repair expenditure.

Proposal 2: $2,500 to Replace 11 Lamp Posts

Overview: There are many damaged lamp posts throughout the community that need to be replaced.

Proposed: It is proposed to that the Association release $2,500 to replace 11 lamp posts on the property as part of an 8 year project to replace all exterior lamp posts on the property.

Board Recommendation: The Board of Directors does not recommend this spending at this time.

The Association has not found any significant savings in doing a bulk purchase. The Board is recommending that a lamp post service be added to the spring planting program as an owner obligation.

Impact: The 8 year program would be a significant drain on an already underfunded capital reserve. The Association is behind on setting aside money for major upcoming projects like repairs to the street.

I approve of this $2,500 capital repair expense
I do not approve of this $2,500 capital repair expense.

Section 3: 2013 Budget / Dues Rate and Special Projects

In both 2013 and 2014 the owners must pay $2,489 to the Emergency Reserve (self insurance reserve) as required by the Covenants and Restrictions Declaration. This is repayment for emergency spending in 2012 for a water meter required by the City of Irving.

The assessment needed to cover basic expenses for management accounting, audits, taxes, insurance, and the routine annual maintenance obligations guaranteed to every home owner by the Covenant and Restriction Declaration, plus payments into the Reserves is $73.67 per month ($221 per quarter).


Pay to Capital reserve
Pay to Emergency reserve

The 2012 actual spending is available here. The Association came in $5,700 under the expense budget (there were no spending overruns) .

The following additional projects (see below, if approved, will be additive to the 2013 rate stated above.

Add Fire lane Striping

This Initiative is to redo the fire lane painting which is fading. The fire lane is required by the City of Irving. The new stripe will be placed on the street (not the curb) to reduce the "apartment complex" look. This project was approved for 2012 but not executed.

$1.30 per month additional assessment per household in 2013


Add Community Block Party

No block parties are scheduled for 2013. The last event was 2011. One or two can be added. Block parties are a great way to build community. The cost is $0.65/month per owner per party. Do you want to sponsor a community block party for 2013?

$0.65 - $1.30 per month additional assessment per household in 2013

2 parties
1 party

Section 4: Select five owners to serve as directors
Order of candidates: Incumbents listed first, others as listed in the order submitted. Term: 2013 - 2014.
Incumbent: Robert
I elect
Pick only 5 directors
President 2009-2012, Director 1988-1991
Catching up the maintenance and getting back to balanced budgets was a challenge these last 4 years - as a community, we rose to it. Beverly Oaks looks better, property values are increasing, and the Association is healthier. I'm retiring as President and am running to serve in the traditional role of Past President to provide continuity as we transition to fresh new leadership. I'm also running to complete the final negotiations with the State of Texas for the 183 land acquisition. ~Robert Bauer
Incumbent: Randy
I elect
Pick only 5 directors
Vice President 2009-2012
've learned a lot. I think we all have. The web site has greatly increased communication and helped bring us together.

I'm looking forward to continuing on the pathway that has been laid out. ~Randy Ranew
Incumbent: Steve
I elect
Pick only 5 directors
President 2003- 2005, 2006, 2008, Director 2001

BOHOA is vital to keeping our properties updated, however, in the past three years our dues have increased $29 monthly, I am voting no more increases. ~ Steve Hillier
I elect
Pick only 5 directors
I would like to see the community continue to maintain and improve as it has in recent years. I have a genuine interest in protecting my investment in the Beverly Oaks community and for that reason would be interested in contributing as a board member.  In my professional life, I retired in 2012 after a 30 year career in Human Resources management. ~ Shirley Otravec
I elect
Pick only 5 directors
I would like to see the community continue on the steady path that has been laid out in the last four years. I also want to promote "community" where the people living here know who each other are, will look out for each other - where we are comfortable to can get out, walk around and visit. ~ Jeff Waldrum.
I elect
Pick only 5 directors
I really love my home and this community.  I have served on Boards before- served as president of my homeowners association in Houston for a few years. It is hard work for no pay, but because it must be done I am willing. There are things I really like the Board does like the planting day and the mass ordering of grass, plants and shrubs.  I would like see more of these cooperative projects.  ~ Vivian Scott
I elect
Pick only 5 directors
Billy has been in the business of managing properties for over 20+ years and has been on the board at Beverly Oaks before and feels he can bring his knowledge and good changes to the board. ~ Billy Norris

Section 5: Survey

Community Garage Sale

No garage sales are scheduled for 2013. Participation has been low the last two years. If you are wanting to have a sale this year and if you can commit to one of these dates, please let us know and we will schedule an event. We ask that owners not have individual sales as this creates traffic problems and general safety concerns.
May 5
October 5
Both dates
Not needed
Winter Lawn

In 2010, 2011, 2012 we planted a winter lawn for 7 months (September to April) each year. In 2013 we only planted the entry and exit. The costs differences are not significant. The winter lawn does weaken the summer grasses in some areas over time so it's important to skip a year from time to time and we skipped 2012. How do you feel about the Association using winter grasses in 2103?
I prefer it
Not needed
Security Gate

For years there have been concerns about security and drive through traffic. In the late 80's, a gated entry and the rear traffic spikes were installed. The gated entry was inactivated in the 1990s rather than repair it. Should the Association investigate options for a secured entry. This is not a vote to spend money - just a query to see if there in interest in investigating options.
I prefer it
Not needed

Share any community suggestions here.


After you submit your ballot, a confirmation window should appear.

Updated 02/26/13


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