February 20, 2012 - Ballots have been counted concluding four weeks of discussion about Association finances and services. A record 81% of the eligible owners participated in this budget election. As with prior votes, the ballots were certified by a non-board member. While there were many opinions expressed, most everyone agreed to accept a majority vote and work together.

Dues for 2012 will be $77.44 a month, a 6% increase over 2011.

We thank everyone for their comments and suggestions during the January 18th and February 11th community meeting, in the blog, via email and in today's meeting. .

Approved Adding private property maintenance obligations
Approved Adding a schedule for exterior painting
Approved Adding a description of the Associations tax obligations.
Approved Clarifying the requirements to carry insurance
Approved Specifying the powers and duties of the Board of Directors.
Approved Adding protection of the capital reserve fund
Approved Updating the voting protocol
Approved Establishing basic architectural standards
Rejected Establishing community rules.
Rejected Establishing Violation Fines

Capital Spending

This initiative was approved.

This initiative releases funds to reroof the community garage, replace the broken traffic spikes in the exit alley, and seal / paint the exit alley wall.

Add Oil Sealant to House Paint

This initiative was approved.

This initiative raises the funds to prime siding that has been damaged by the sun (the petroleum products burned out). This burning has cased streaking of the new paint, fading of the old paint, and increased the rate of deterioration of the siding.

Block Party

This initiative was not approved.

Fire lane Stripping

This initiative was approved.

This is to redo the fire lane which is fading. The fire lane is required by the City of Irving. The new stripe will be placed on the street (not the curb) to reduce the "apartment complex" look.

Management Contract

This initiative was not approved.

The Precision Property Management contract will be terminated. The accounting contract with Principal Management will stay in effect.

Lamp Post Bulb Service

This initiative was not approved.

This referendum is for the Association to replace burned out light bulbs (front lamp posts only) and repair electric eyes. This will ensure that the bulbs are a consistent color and wattage.

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