Beverly Oaks Association: Voting registration and results
Vote for community directors and referendums online. If you haven't already registered, you may register online. You may also declare candidacy here. We encourage you to vote early - should you change your mind on anything, you can revote. Below are prior all prior electronic ballots and results.

Summary of Annual Meeting (February 22, 2021)
Results: 2021 Budget Vote
Ballot: 2021 Budget Vote

2020 No meeting or budget vote (CoViD)

Results: 2019 Budget / Election
Ballot: 2019 Budget / Election
Summary of Annual Meeting

Summary of 2018 Annual Meeting. No vote.

Results: 2017 Mail / Traffic Survey
Survey: 2017 Mail / Traffic Survey

Results: 2017 Budget / Election
Ballot: 2017 Budget / Election
Summary of Annual Meeting

Results: 2016 Budget / Election
Ballot: 2016 Budget / Election
Summary of Annual Meeting

Results: 2015 Budget / Election
Ballot: 2015 Budget / Election

Ballot: Amendment Only

Results: 2014 Budget / Election
Ballot: 2014 Budget / Election

Results: 2013 Budget / Election
Ballot: 2013 Budget / Election

Results: 2012 Budget
Ballot: 2012 Budget

Results: 2011 Budget / Election
Ballot: 2011 Budget / Election

Results: 2010 Budget / Election
Ballot: 2010 Budget / Election

Results: 2009 Paint
Ballot:2009 Paint

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